Internet Marketing is a great addition to a SEO plan as a comprehensive effort to drive traffic and gain sales.  Through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads we are able to target specific demographics with ads relevant to your product or service.  The best part is you only pay for the setup and the results!  That’s right… after setup you only spend money when someone actually clicks on your ad and reads your website! (Try arranging a deal like that with your local newspaper!)

Engagements & Home Remodeling

Internet Marketing is great because we can work to target your specific demographic.  Let’s pretend for a moment you own a wedding venue.  What does every girl do as soon as she is engaged?  She changes her Facebook relationship status to engaged.  With an internet marketing campaign from Joshua Lindley Consulting, as soon as someone becomes engaged that lives in range of the wedding venue, she immediately will begin to see ads promoting your wedding venue.

What if your target audience isn’t on Facebook?  Don’t worry.. we’ve got you covered!  Our ad campaigns use a variety of services including Google AdWords.  Say you own a a small home remodeling company.  Many men might attempt to determine if they should do their own remodeling or hire a professional.  While they are reading a website on ‘How to change a light fixture’ we can place your ad right next to the content they are reading to remind them some things are better left to a professional.  These types of ads use the context of a website to deliver the ad.  Engaged women see an ad for the wedding venue while men deciding if they should hire a professional see your home remodeling company ad.

Let’s make this thing happen!

Click here to request a free quote and consultation on a Joshua Lindley Consulting managed internet marketing plan.  Joshua Lindley and his team will work to find the best keywords, strategies, and services to put your advertising dollars in for the best results.


About our Marketing Services

Our comprehensive marketing services include the following:

  • Work with you to identify your target demographic
  • Design various ads for online and/or print marketing
  • Determine the best places to put your advertising dollars based on your industry and demographics
  • Craft online campaigns targeting your demographic
  • Manage ad campaigns
  • Monthly report outlining ad performance

Marketing Myths

Myth: The internet is so large any advertising campaign is out of my budget
Truth: With targeted demographic ad delivery we are able to deliver ads only to those who are most likely to use your business.  You also only pay for people who actually click on your ad.

Myth: Internet marketing is only for people who sell things on the internet.
Truth: Internet marketing is for anyone who has a product or service to sell.  If your goal is to generate leads, receive orders, raise awareness, or gain new customers – internet marketing is for you.

Myth: I put lots of money in traditional radio/tv/print ads and don’t need to invest in SEO & Internet Marketing.
Truth: People are ditching cable tv, newspapers, & traditional radio. While these mediums are still valuable, the internet is the new most powerful tool for marketing. If you don’t begin to invest today, you’ll be too far behind when you try to catch up.