If you can’t be easily and quickly found through a search, potential customers never even know you exist. It’s as if you are closed on the internet.Say you operate a flower shop downtown.  Your old customers will probably search for your flower shop by name and order online or call to place an order.  However, you need new customers.

New customers = growth = more profit.

Someone meeting up for a first date downtown will type “best flower shop downtown” or “dozen roses downtown”.  The business that shows up in the top of the results with the best website gains business and hopefully a new customer.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name given to the task of ensuring your website is properly set up to rank higher in search engines and make your company, restaurant, church, or event visible to potential clients.  It is a difficult task and requires professional attention.

“No serviceable parts inside – Risk of electrocution”

Ever try to fix something and get to a place where a sticker warns you of the dangers of continuing?  That’s a good place to turn back before something bad happens!  With SEO the wrong moves could actually end up hurting you in search results instead of improving your rating.  Google, Bing, and other search engines are constantly changing the way they rank results.  You are running a business and don’t have time to keep up with the constant changes. You could cause damage by tweaking your own website or hiring the wrong person.  That’s where we come in!

Joshua began tackling SEO in 1999 when he worked for a software company.  The company was having trouble getting listed in search engines and he started working on creative ways to ensure the company was listed in all search engines.  Google had just been invented one year earlier and SEO was not a buzz word.  Through trial and error Joshua figured out how to increase website hits and was hooked from that moment on at finding ways to improve website hits and turn searches into profits.  Today Joshua uses instinct and knowledge along with some of the best SEO software and tracking systems money can buy.

You’ve got me interested!  What’s this going to cost me?

There are so many variables involved in SEO from your industry, competition, keywords, and the state of your website.  SEO is a monthly service that involves an initial setup.  Joshua and his team would love to put together a free quote and provide you with a report detailing how you and your competitors are doing in search results, free of charge.

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About our SEO Services

Our comprehensive SEO plans include the following:

  • Evaluation of website, social media, and other rankings
  • Evaluation of the best keywords for your business
  • Online competitor analysis
  • Optimization of your website including: site map planning, url structure optimization, page titles and meta-descriptions, content clean-up.
  • Presentation of a game plan to elevate your business and keywords
  • Monthly comprehensive reports
  • We provide local seo to ensure potential customers in your demographics will find you.
  • All SEO is done in house (many companies outsource their SEO services)
  • We will provide you with additional seo basics and seo tips to help your business succeed!

“I want to learn all I can about your business, industry, & competitors in order to help your website and company succeed. ” – Joshua Lindley

SEO Myths

Myth: If I have a website people will find my business or service.
Truth: You can have the best website in your industry but without good search engine optimization people may never find your business.  Customers will find you by searching.  When a customer types “best flower shop downtown” it doesn’t matter how fancy your website is if it doesn’t come up.  We have solutions to help you rise above competitors in search.

Myth: I may not show up at the top of a search results but I’ll still get a lot of customers.
Truth: Location, Location, Location!  Studies show people rarely look past the first few results in a search.  While a customer specifically looking for the name of your business may find you, new customers will pass you by in favor of those at the top.

Myth: I put lots of money in traditional radio/tv/print ads and don’t need to invest in SEO & Internet Marketing.
Truth: People are ditching cable tv, newspapers, & traditional radio.  While these mediums are still valuable the internet is the new most powerful tool for marketing.  If you don’t begin to invest today, you’ll be too far behind when you try to catch up.